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Rotary pumps, siphon pumps, and FDA food grade pumps. We also carry grease guns. Contact us to inquire more about our pumps or place an order now through the store.

Rotary Pump

Rotary Pump fits 15-55 gallon drums with 2″ NTP bung opening
Gasoline, diesel fuel, light fuels and hydraulic oil can be dispensed.
Approximately 7 1/2 gallons per 100 revolutions dispensed.
Heavy-duty cast iron body with three piece steel suction tube 3/4″ threaded discharge spout.

Item # : 3125

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Polypropylene Pump

Polypropylene Pump without hose
Fits 15-55 gallon drum with 2″ bung opening
Dispenses approximately 8oz per stroke.
Can be used with anti-freeze, weak acids, some mild detergents and chemicals.
Includes bung adapter and discharge spout.
Spout can be removed and hose attached.

Item # : 3105

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Nylon Hose

Nylon Pump without hose.
Fits 15-55 gallon drums with 2″ bung opening.
Approximately 8oz per stroke dispensed.
Constructed on nylon and nickel plated steel.
Includes bung adapter and discharge spout.
Spout can be removed and replaced with hose

Item # : 3110

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Grease Gun

One-hand grease gun with two position outlet for steel adapater tube.
Can be filled with standard 14 1/2 oz grease cartridge.

Item # : 9017

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HD4A Grease Gun

Heavy duty lever gun
With either short or long strokes develops up to 10,000 p.s.i.
Includes 12″ whip hose, heavy-duty coupler, and Model 80 loader nipple.
Can be filled by standard 14 1/2 ounce cartridge or gun filler pump.

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HD4-Grease Gun

Grease gun comes with 6″ steel extension 1/8′ NPT
Pressure maximum 10,000 psi
Hold 14 1/2 oz. cartridge

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Siphon Pump

Manual siphon pump

Item # : 3135

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