About Us

O’Bryan Barrel Company was founded in 1962 by current President Arthur O’Bryan and his wife Anna.  With his wife Anna at his side, the company originated in their home garage with reconditioning of only fiber drums.  Today, our family owned and operated business continues to grown steadily with over 300 transportation trailers serving the regional area throughout the Midwest. The foundation of our success is our commitment to our customers and our community.  We continue to compete successfully with much larger firms in larger metropolitan areas.

Our commitment to our customers is evident in every aspect of our business. In addition to outstanding product quality, we offer an incomparable level of service. Our policy is to respond to even the most demanding customer requests with a simple “No problem.” With one phone call, our customer’s challenge becomes our job.

We also uphold a commitment to our local and global communities. Our drum recycling plant is one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the United States. These advancements are not just for our production capabilities, they are also environmentally sound. Caring for the environment in the way we operate our plant is not just policy, it’s a family pledge.

O'Bryan Barrel Building

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